About the artist

Ray Mudjahid Ponce Millan better known as Kublai Millan or Kublai is a prolific artist from Mindanao. He is known for his giant sculptures. Aside from being a sculptor he is also an art photographer, painter, digital artist and performance artist.



Kublai was born on July 8, 1974 in Cotabato City. Kublai started his career when he made all the artworks both inside and outside of his family’s hotel; Ponce Suites. His mother is the manager of the hotel. He studied at the University of the Philippines for his higher education and attained a degree of Fine Arts. After his graduation from college he returned to Mindanao, painting and sculpting subjects relating to the culture of his hometown.

He is responsible for two giant works; “Kampilan” by Sultan Kudarat in the city of Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao and the “Risen Christ” in the church of Tagum City. He is also responsible for the giant durian monument in Davao International Airport, the giant eagle and Bagobo children in People’s ParkDavao City.


In my search for meaning,
MINDANAO gave me these
reasons for being…