Kublai Millan’s Peace Park

The southern slopes of Mt Apo end in a lush and beautiful valley near the town of Kapatagan (literally, ‘the valley’). On a hill with commanding views of both Apo and the valley is the Agung House, a sculptural park built by prolific Davao-based artist Kublai Millan. Agung, translated as ‘river of clouds’, refers to the daily pattern that obscures the summits of Apo and the Middle Earth, Hobbit-like structure Kublai originally built as a place for friends to sleep and star gaze. Over the years the number of sculptures has grown, most larger than life and with inspirational poetry accompanying scenes of rural life and indigenous peoples. Kublai hopes locals as well as foreign travellers visit the property to meditate, play, picnic, relax and above all ‘get away’ from their daily concerns. Feel free to turn up any time during daylight hours. Mt Apo Highland Resort is nearby, or if you don’t have your own vehicle a motorbike from Digos should run around P175. If Kapatagan is not on your itinerary, not to worry, Kublai’s sculptures, envisioned as monuments to peace and Mindanao culture, are everywhere on the island.

Source: lonelyplanet.com

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