Tagumenyo artists undergo Art Mentoring Program led by Kublai Millan

TAGUM CITY—At least 30 local artists here participated in the first-ever Art Mentoring Program of the Tagum City Historical and Cultural Center, in a bold attempt to capacitate them as the city pivots towards revitalizing the city’s art scene leading to a creative economy.

In partnership with Gallery Down South and renowned Mindanaoan artist Kublai Millan, the program ambitions to hone talented Tagumenyo artists and make them immersed on the varied cultures of Tagum and Mindanao.

This trajectory will hopefully create art that is replete with meaning, symbolisms and substance, according to Tagumenyo Artist Victor Augustus Dumaguing, who also sits as the resident artist of the newly-opened Tagum City Historical and Cultural Center at the heart of downtown Tagum.

The program capitalizes on the unique aspect of budding artists getting honed and critiqued by industry leaders and innovators.

The first wave of the program took place last April 10, 2021 at Balai Kublai in Maa, Davao City with no less than Kublai himself taking the lead in the mentoring sessions.

As agreed, Tagumenyo artists will mount the city’s first exhibition to the Mindanao Art, the annual art fair gathering the best of Mindanao, which is supported by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

These mentoring sessions will help capacitate local artists to produce thought-provoking artworks for the said fair that are at par with their contemporaries in Mindanao, if not the entire Philippines.

Among the participants to this program is Datu Jose Pinang, one of the recognized culture masters of Tagum, who signified his goal to improve his craft, particularly on wood sculpture.

To inspire the participating artists, Kublai himself gifted the artists with one roll of canvas that can be used to produce their artworks.

Meanwhile, the Tagum City Historical and Cultural Office which oversees the operations and management of the Center, will also held an intensive art workshop to be helmed by the Center’s resident artist this May in time for the National Heritage Month.

Later on, the participating artists will have the option to accredit themselves or their group to the Center’s Artist Partnership Program, a groundbreaking program that prioritizes accredited groups in the usage of the different facilities of the Center, including exhibition spaces free of charge. Louie Lapat/CHCO

The first batch of Tagumenyo artists pose with renowned Mindanaoan Artist Kublai Millan and Victor Augustus Dumaguing during the commencement of the Art Mentoring Program. An initiative of the Tagum City Historical and Cultural Center, Gallery Down South and Millan himself, the program capitalizes on the unique aspect of budding artists getting honed and critiqued by industry leaders and innovators. Contributed Photo

SOURCE: https://tagumcity.gov.ph/tagumenyo-artists-undergo-art-mentoring-program-led-by-kublai-millan/

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