Probinsaya – Kublai Millan

Famed Davao artist Kublai Millan carved his name through gigantic public art installations all over Mindanao, which highlight the island’s people culture. This is his way of calling the attention of people to stop, appreciate and understand the very soul of the people, especially that of Mindanao.

He has been gaining accolades, the latest being named Outstanding Alumni on Culture and the Arts by the University of The Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA) for 2015.

His paintings highlight the beauty of nature and people. His first and most treasured series is the Probinsya – a portmanteau of the Tagalog word Probinsaya (province) and Saya (Joy).

Inspired by the costumes, games, songs, dances and simple ways of life of rustic Mindanao, which he experienced through the years of building monuments and integrating with the people in the hinterlands, Probinsaya dances with the indigenous people, the farmers, the village folk, even the birds, the beasts and the plants. Every piece is a celebration, an invitation to stop, look, appreciate, immerse and experience the joy and gratitude that brought about each piece in the series.


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