Kublai Millan: A Proud Dabawenyo Artist

Davao City is known to be as the “Land of Promise” because of  some pleasures and treasures like “durian”, “Mt.Apo”, “waling-waling”, and “Philippine Eagle”. It is also the home of famous artist, Kublai Millan.

Kublai Ponce-Millan was born to have a talent in the field of arts. He was known locally, nationally but also internationally because of his magnificent artworks that full of his imaginations. His artworks were recognized in Belgium, Vatican, and Italy and recently in Russia. He’s the man behind the creations of Peoples’ Park.

“one of the arts of Kublai Millan”

On the 14th day of January 2012, fourth-year students of Doña Carmen Denia National High School of section Rizal planned to have a tour to the suite of Kublai’s mother, Ponce Suite found in Bajada, Davao City. We decided this because we want to see the artworks of his son, Kublai Millan. The suite was filled of his great arts, not only in the walls but also in the ceilings. We found out that some of Kublai’s artworks came from recyclable materials.

Kublai’s art found in the ceilings
Kublai’s art found in the walls

I am so thankful for the opportunity given to us to conduct this kind of activity that personally I saw the artworks of the pride of Dabawenyos in the field of arts, Kublai Millan. I’m so amazed, impressed and flattered to what I’ve seen. We also entertained by her mother who was fun telling the life of his son like the achievements receive by Kublai here in the Philippines and to other country.

Because of our tour, we saw personally the pride of Dabawenyos, Kublai Millan. He was so humble and entertained us. We took a picture together with him. We’re so lucky because that time was raining and he was sick as well.

Source: https://ericnapoles.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/kublai-millan-a-proud-dabawenyo-artist-2/

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